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Don't 'start on Monday'. Don't 'leave it until after your holiday'. Start making changes today, and start feeling the benefits tomorrow



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NikFit News!!!

By Nikki Webb 03 Jan, 2017
Don't be glum! There are still some great offers available on block bookings and group bookings to save those pennies. I still offer affordable, quality personal training, however quality is very important to me - with my growing knowledge and experience I have increased my prices to stand in line with the competition, and with a high demand on my time I need to ensure commitment from my clients. Past and present clients will receive a loyalty discount as will future loyal clients. See the Prices page for the up to date prices.
Feel free to speak to me about your own personal plan as I aim to make it affordable and achievable for anyone willing to commit. Thank you lovely clients, past, present and potential! x
By Nikki Webb 03 Jan, 2017
Be the best you can be in 2017! 
By Nikki Webb 15 Nov, 2016

This time of year is always more difficult to stay motivated. It's cold and dark and far too tempting to cosy up in front of the fire.
But guaranteed when spring arrives you'll have wished you'd put in the effort and had the determination and willpower to maintain your fitness routine.
You can't moan about the consequences if you're not prepared to put In the graft! Stop with the excuses!

* It's cold - Guess what.... exercise warms you up. True story....
* It's dark - buy a head torch.
* I've got no money - go for a run, that's free! (Or ask for PT sessions for Xmas, I know of a great offer 😜)
* I've got no time - make time. Get up earlier, go for a walk in your lunch hour, do a 20 minute HIIT session in front of the TV!
* I've got a cold - go for a walk. It's better than nothing.
* I can't be bothered - stop being lazy

Prepare your body for 2017 and maintain a healthy lifestyle to ensure you get the best out of every day 💪


By Nikki Webb 18 Jul, 2016
So last month, one of my clients and I undertook the challenge of climbing the 3 highest peaks in the UK in 24 hours! We climbed with a group from Gaskells Waste Management who were raising money for charity. 

We set off from Cheshire at 9am on the Friday morning, in two cars full to the brim with food, drink and walking equipment, and set off on our adventure, starting with Scotland!

Ben Nevis - 
We set off from the bottom of Ben Nevis that evening, with a small threat of rain and death by midge bites! This one is the highest, longest mountain, but we made it to the top in a good time, and waited for the rest of the group while we stocked up on protein bars and water! After a brief (but bloody cold!) wait, we made our descent back to the cars, where we had a quick change (courtesy of the midges!) and jumped back in the cars to make our way to Scarfell Pike.

Scarfell Pike -
Back into the UK, we managed to catch a few Zzzz's on the way to the second peak. Starting at 5am we made our way up the mountain, this one being the shortest, but the steepest! With glorious weather and beautiful views we made it to the top in a good time, and made it back to the bottom just after 8am! Time for breakfast!!!

Snowden -
Into Wales for the last peak, but in my opinion the most challenging - purely due to the weather! Wet, cold and windy - not ideal! But we got our heads down and marched ahead, making it to the top in a good time again. Waiting for the rest of the group in the cafe at the top we definitely considered getting the train back down! But, partly due to determination, and partly because we had already missed the last train... we powered on! Emptying our walking boots of water, we braced the biting cold and wind at the top, eventually reaching a point where we could again feel our bodies! And made it back down to the bottom in another good time! 

Then, a perfect end to a fantastic challenge, we went to the pub for a de-briefing (and a few gin and tonics!) We worked out that if we took away the waiting time, and added our climbing time to the driving time, we did the whole challenge in 21.5 hours and were very proud of ourselves to say the least! Although my legs didn't feel so fantastic the next day...!!! 

By Nikki Webb 28 Jun, 2016
The Sandbach girls didn't let a bit of rain stop them! They showed 100% commitment and dedication when the weather decided to be mean... it rained (very hard), for the whole hour of our session, before kindly clearing up the minute we finished our session!!! Typical...! 
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